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CAIRS Program

California All Incident Reporting System (CAIRS)

The California All Incident Reporting System (CAIRS) is a statewide emergency incident data program that collects, compiles, analyzes and distributes statistical information reported by the California Fire Service. CAIRS complies with Health and Safety Code 13110.5 to provide fire data and information to the fire community, and as a resource for the public. The data collected by CAIRS includes such information as numbers of fires, causes of fires, types of fires, location of fires, and fire-caused deaths. The information is used to help fire departments target their resources and education programs, as well as develop and support fire safety legislation.

As of January 01, 2003 OSFM is collecting data in NFIRS format

To learn more about our NFIRS program visit the
NFIRS 5.0 Website

Questions about CAIRS/NFIRS can be answered via e-mail.
Please send e-mails to:   Kirsti.Fong@fire.ca.gov

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