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Alternative Fuel Vehicles

The "Emergency Response to Alternative Fuel Vehicles" combines the training programs that have been produced to ad­dress a variety of alternative fuel vehicle programs as they have “come of age” over the years. These projects span from electric vehicles, the vehicle of choice in the mid 1990’s to Fuel Cell Vehicles, the vehicle of choice for tomorrow. In between we have also seen propane, natural gas, hybrid electric, and bio-fuels as other alternative fuel choices. This program is designed to prepare emergency medical, law enforcement, and fire service personnel for an emergency response involving a wide range of alternative fuel vehicles. Funding for this pro­gram was provided by the California Air Resources Board, Alternative Fuel Incentive Program. This program explores and provides an overview of the "basic" operation of alternative fuel vehicles, their component parts, infrastructure, and importantly, how this technology affects the standard operating procedures for emergency response personnel.

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    The student manual serves as a reference document for the training program and is royalty free allowing you to download and duplicate at will. The manual is divided into sections here to allow for faster and easier downloads. Print each section and combine in a binder to make a complete manual.